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While talking with many of my travel consultant clients, I've noticed a recurring obstacle. When clients ask them to justify
There’s an easy way to keep track of your client email conversations using ClientBase and Gmail. ClientBase makes it easy
If you've checked out my blog recently, you may have noticed that I really appreciate shortcuts when working with data
With Trams® Back Office, part of the Sabre® Red™ travel solution, you'll have the capability to easily monitor, manage and
Someone recently asked me how to set up their email signature in ClientBase Online. For those who have used ClientBase
In an earlier post, I talked about some easy shortcuts for entering dates in Trams and ClientBase. In this post,
There are some useful shortcuts for entering dates in Trams Back Office and ClientBase. Date always display in the MM/DD/YYYY
As a long-time user of G Suite, I can attest to its ease of use and flexibility for managing T.S.
A heads up for my clients who use Sabre Red Workspace. Sabre has announced they are launching major upgrade to
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