Keep track of email conversations using ClientBase and Gmail

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There’s an easy way to keep track of your client email conversations using ClientBase and Gmail.

ClientBase makes it easy to send email to your clients within the program. Unfortunately, there isn’t an automatic method for tracking incoming messages and entire conversations. While there are some manual workarounds, I’ve found an easier way using Gmail.

If you use Gmail’s web interface, you can create a unique web address (or URL) and add it to your client’s profile in just three steps. Once you’ve added the URL, you’re just a click away quickly from finding all of your conversations with that client.

I’ve created an illustrated guide for ClientBase Windows and ClientBase Online users to show you how to do this step-by-step. If you need some more help, click here to schedule an appointment or send me a message.

Add Gmail Search URL to Client’s Profile

  1. Search for Client’s Email Address in Gmail
  2. Copy the search results web address to your computer’s clipboard
  3. Add the web address as a communications entry in the client’s profile

Alternatively, you can add a Gmail search directly into the communications entry without having to search Gmail first. Simply enter the web site followed by the client’s email address. For example, to search for “”, enter the web address You may want to keep the following handy to copy-and-paste into your client profiles:

Finding Email Conversations Using Saved Web Address

Using the communications entry to find your email conversations varies depending on whether you’re using ClientBase Windows (CBW) or ClientBase Online (CBO).


  1. Right-click on the communications entry
  2. Select Copy Web Site
  3. Paste the web address into your browser’s address bar


  1. Simply click on the saved web site link

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