Exporting Agent Profiles Including tax ID information

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While Trams offers a TCR (Trams Crystal Report) specifically for generating 1099-MISC forms, some agencies prefer to export their 1099 recipients’ information for use in another application. While TBO does not provide a method to do this natively, there is a workaround. TBO users can use the IBConsole to run a query and export profile information that includes the profile’s tax identification number.


  • 1099 recipients’ tax IDs must be stored in their Agent or Other profile
  • Tax IDs can be recorded in either of the following fields on the Other tab of the profile:
    • Business Type
    • Other
    • Note: Be consistent with which of the two fields are used to track tax IDs
    • Tax IDs should be entered in their proper format, i.e., 999-99-9999 for SSNs or 99-9999999 for EINs
  • User must have access to the Trams database using IBConsole, which is installed with the Interbase server


Step 1: Open IBConsole

Click on Windows Start Menu > All Programs > Interbase > IBConsole

Note: If the IBConsole isn’t installed on your computer, you may need to do this from the server computer.

Step 2: Connect to the TRAMS database (select from the list)

Note: it’s possible that this hasn’t been set up yet. I’m happy to help with this, or you can try contacting the Trams support desk, but I’m not certain they will be able to help with you this.

Step 3: Click on the SQL menu option at the top of the screen

Step 4: Create Query for Profile Information

  1. Enter (or paste) the following query at the top of the screen:







  1. Click on the lightening bolt with a question mark next to it:
  2. This will show a list of agent profiles that have something in the “Other” field in their profile.

Step 5: Export to a text file

  1. Click on the Query Menu, then Save Output.
  2. Enter a file name, and choose Save as Type = “Deliminated” and click Save
  3. After clicking Save, leave the options on the following window at the defaults, and click OK

Step 5: Open with Excel (or other application)

  1. The above steps will save a standard CSV (comma-separated values) file which can be opened with Excel.
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