Setting up email signatures in CBO: A workaround

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Someone recently asked me how to set up their email signature in ClientBase Online. For those who have used ClientBase Windows, your database administrator has likely setup a default email signature for sending messages from ClientBase. Unfortunately, email signatures is one of the features that is unavailable in ClientBase Online.
But the good news is that there is a relatively easy workaround. Teresa Giacalone, Agency Solutions Sales / CRM and Financial Management at Sabre Travel Network, suggested a great solution:

Create a document template that includes your desired signature information. Agent profile and user login information are available as merge fields, so it’s easy to have the same functionality as CBW’s email signatures.

To set up a document template, you must be logged in as a user with Manager access in CBO. If you don’t have permission to access your agency’s settings, you can ask your agency’s database administrator about setting up a document template for your agency.

To set up a new document template:

  1. click on the Tools Icon > Settings > Document Templates
  2. choose the option to create a new template
  3. enter your desired combination of static text and merge fields
  4. you can select a merge field by clicking on its description in the list on the right-hand side of the page

For example, I set up my email signature like this:

«User Login Agent Name»
ABC Travel Co.
Tel. «User Login Agent Phone»
Email: «User Login Agent Email»

Notice that I used HTML formatted to make the user login agent name and the agency’s name bold. You can format merge fields just as you would any other text. I chose to use the information from the agent profile of the currently logged in user, so it’s important that each user’s login is attached to her or his agent profile. Now, when I create an email using the new document template, it looks like this:

Thomas Sycko
ABC Travel Co.
Tel. +1 (586) 636-3100

You can learn more about setting up document templates in the ClientBase Online help file.

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