What exactly is Trams Back Office?

TeroVesalainen / Pixabay

With Trams® Back Office, part of the Sabre® Red™ travel solution, you’ll have the capability to easily monitor, manage and grow your business. Trams® provides right-size, right-price information technology (IT) solutions and is one of the most popular back office accounting and reporting system on the market today. It’s easy to learn and use, helping you control costs with extreme efficiency.

In addition, Trams Back Office seamlessly works with ClientBase® to deliver a complete solution incorporating GDS integration, CRM, General Ledger, and more.

Click on the video below to learn more about what TBO does and how it can help you and your agency.

As an advanced Trams Certified Consultant, I’ve helped nearly 500 travel agencies successfully implement TBO and trained their bookkeepers and administrative staff to effectively use it. Whether you’re just getting started with TBO or have a new employee who needs to learn more, contact me so we can talk about how I can help you.


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